A Deep Insight into Strength Training for Weight Loss

A Deep Insight into Strength Training for Weight Loss

December 22, 2022

Talking about strength training for fat loss is all about building muscles and dropping weight. Strength training is also known as resistance exercise, which aims to strengthen your muscle by making your muscles work against a weight or a force. 

This blog aims to educate you on the benefits of strength training for weight loss and the exercises you can do for strength training.

Benefits of Strength Training for Weight Loss on Your Health: 

Here, we will discuss the benefits of strength training on your body.

1. Makes you Stronger and Fitter: 

    This is one of the greatest benefits of strength training for weight loss. Strength training is essential because it makes daily life easier and allows you to do your daily tasks effortlessly. Moreover, strength training is sometimes called resistance training because it strengthens and tones your muscles by contracting them against a resisting force.

    There are two types of resistance training: 

    • Isometric resistance: It involves the contracting of muscles against a nonmoving object.
    • Isotonic Strength Training: involves contracting your muscles through a range of motion, as in weight lifting. 

    2. Protects Bone Health and Muscle Mass:

    According to research, the human body starts losing 3 to 5 percent of lean muscle mass per decade. Strength training for weight loss improves functional performance, as well as the density and structure of the bone.

    Moreover, it is also observed that strength training for weight loss increases muscle mass and strengthens muscle and power, which is significant for your bone, joints, and muscle as we age.

    3.  Helps Your Body Burn Calories Efficiently:

    As it is witnessed and proven by research, all exercises boost your metabolism. With strength training, your body burns calories efficiently as it returns to its restful state. No matter how much food you eat, strength training will burn your calories even if you train for 30 minutes. 

    4. Helps Keep the Weight off for Good: 

    Because strength training boosts excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, it can also help exercisers boost weight loss more than if you were to do aerobic exercise alone, keeping your metabolism active after exercising, much longer than after an aerobic workout.”

    That’s because lean tissue, in general, is more active tissue. “If you have more muscle mass, you’ll burn more calories — even in your sleep, than if you didn’t have that extra lean body mass.

    According to research, compared with dieters who didn’t exercise and those who did only aerobic exercise, dieters who did strength training exercises four times a week for 18 months lost the most fat.

    5. Helps You Develop Better Body Mechanics:

    Strength training is also beneficial for your balance, coordination, and posture. Doing one strength training per week, which involves multiple exercises, strengthens your muscles by up to 37% and increases your muscle mass by up to 7.5%. Moreover, the functionality of your body is also increased by 58% when you do strength training. 

    Exercises for Strength Training for Weight Loss: 

    Many strength training exercises can be done for weight loss. Below are some of the exercises: 

    1. Bodyweight Squat: 

    The correct exercise method is to keep your butt pushed out. It is one of the most powerful exercises in strength training. It strengthens your legs and your glutes. The second step you need to follow is to use the muscles in the hips and thighs to push yourself up. Never press your knees forward as you move. 

    If you do this exercise correctly, your knees will move only during the first half of the squat; your hips will finish the movement.

    2. Push-Up: 

    Push-ups are considered one of the best strength training exercises because they strengthen your shoulders and chest muscles. You can try push-ups with your knees on the floor. This reduces the amount of weight you are lifting. 

    3. Plank:

    A commonly seen exercise, plank helps build strength in the core, shoulders, arms, and legs. Plank tones your abs and builds strength in your upper body. Additionally, planks strengthen both the abdominal and low back muscles simultaneously and can benefit people with low back pain.

    4. Bodyweight Split Squat: 

    This variation on squat targets the quadriceps and hamstring muscles in your legs and the glutes. Jumping into your starting position from the lowest point in your squat also adds a plyometric boost.

    5. Single-Leg Hip Raise:   

    This exercise is adapted from yoga and aims to strengthen your glutes and abs muscles. It would be best if you did not skip this exercise as this is highly recommended for strength training for weight loss. 


    The article covers every aspect of strength training for weight loss, including its benefits and the exercises you must do for strength training for weight loss. If you follow the exercises mentioned regularly, you will witness results in your body within a few months. Always remember that strength training cannot do the job alone; you must take a proper diet to accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively. 

    Once you follow the right diet plan and sets of exercises, you will be unrecognizable because the body structure you will develop will be astonishing, and you will feel functionally sound.  

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